8 things that make TriTanium different

6 disciplines over 3 days OR 2 disciplines over 1 day OR 1 discipline over 2 days.

Essentially that’s what makes TriTanium unique. Let’s break it down.

1. There’s something for everyone and everything for someone

No matter who you are, you’ll find an entry for you. You might be the kind of person who loves running and cycling but can’t even float in a bath. That’s cool. You can do day 1 (MTB and trail run) or you can enter the runs (on day 1 and 3) and the rides (on day 1 and 2), but none of the swims. Maybe you only like off-road adventure - do day 1 (MTB and trail run) and leave the rest to the roadies and the swimmers. Enjoy a bit of a sea swim, but don’t like any other rough stuff? Enter day 3 where you can do the sea swim and the road run. Maybe the sea isn’t your thing, but you love a swim and a ride. So, day 2 is just for you - swim in the dam and then hit the road ride. And for those that love it all, do it all! And stand the chance to walk away with the TriTanium trophy.

2. TriTanium is for the ordinary and the extraordinary

The routes are newly cut for the MTB and trail run and we’ve made sure that whether you’re an expert or a novice, you’ll both enjoy and challenge yourself. All the events are long enough to make you sweat, but short enough to make sure you can achieve your goals. If you’ve never done a multi-day race, this is the perfect opportunity to see if you like them. And, if you’re just starting out, you can start slowly by entering just some of the events this year and enter more next year.

3. TriTanium gives you the opportunity to explore new disciplines

So, you’re a runner who wants to dabble in some MTB. Or a MTBer who wants to test out their road skills. Always wanted to try a swim, but haven’t been able to find a race that lets you swim and run without cycling? Here’s your chance. Imagine entering a triathlon that lets you choose to run and swim or ride and run or...well, almost any combination you can think of. TriTanium is that race.

4. TriTanium is family and friend friendly

Lots of races say this. But, with TriTanium, it’s true. Days 1 and 2 start and finish at Sugar Rush Park, where there is so much for family and friends to do, you might have to do the route twice just so they get to experience everything on offer! Train and tractor rides, a kids’ play zone, a Beauty Bar, restaurants, a kids’ Mountain Bike track, a trampoline park, Laser Rush, the list goes on! When your supporters aren’t supporting they can be
pampered, play, eat, drink and just chill. Day 3 is a beach day whichever way you look at it, starting on Addington Beach and ending in Umhlanga.

5. TriTanium is 100% local

We believe in supporting local and this is a fully South African race looking to go global. Instead of bringing the world here, we want to take our local talent and innovation out into the world. TriTanium is a fresh idea with a totally unique format that will differentiate South Africa in the world of global multisport.

6. TriTanium is 100% woman-owned

And 100% triathlete woman at that! LB is no stranger to any of the 6 disciplines being touted at TriTanium. She has participated in 3 Triathlon world champs, is an Ironman finisher and half Ironman podium finisher and has taken podiums in numerous mountain bike races, most recently second step podium in the gruelling Trans Baviaans 24 hour mountain bike race with international athlete and TriTanium ambassador Lucie Zelenkova as her partner. LB started as a MTBer and gradually added more disciplines to her repertoire, so she gets that this is how a lot of triathletes start out.

7. TriTanium offers choice!

You can choose to do one discipline (swim or bike or run) or multiple disciplines. So, whereas in ‘normal’ triathlons, you have to complete all three disciplines, with TriTanium you can just do the swims (dam and sea) or just do the rides (MTB and road) or just do the runs (trail and road). So, we’re not leaving anyone out. Runners, cyclists and swimmers are all invited and will all have an equally awesome experience.

8. TriTanium is on-road and off-road, inland and sea

When last did you get to do all of them in one race? Never. Because it’s never been done. Trail and road run, MTB and road bike, dam and sea swim. For roadies that want to test their off-road skills, this is your chance. And for off-roaders that want some speed, seize the opportunity. Know you can conquer the waves, but not sure how much you’ll enjoy the calmer waters of a dam…test yourself. In summary, whatever your skill level, your ambitions or your reasons for doing multisport, TriTanium is the race for you, offering multiple opportunities and options over a family-friendly weekend.

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