Tritanium 2021

Managing the way forward in the face of Covid-19!

by LB

Well, if ever there was an endurance challenge that tests our mental and physical strength, not to mention our emotional mettle, it is Covid-19!

We have taken some time to look at how best to proceed under the current circumstances: what we do know is that our ideal date of end-August really is not feasible from any aspect - race readiness for our partners, athletes and infrastructure, not to mention that we do not know where we will be as a country in August. What we do know is that we must and will take the severity of this disease seriously so that we can ensure that when we do fire that starting pistol, we do so with the safety of our athletes, our athletes’ supporters, our local communities, our stakeholders and our team in mind.

I was thinking November 2020 or February 2021. Then I realised November is currently the new month dedicated to Triathlon, with Challenge CT, IM PE, and then DC . So no, November won’t work! Not for you and not for us! So how about October? I’m thinking Mid October? So October or February? Should we decide on February 2021, we would still host August 2021. - Let us know what you think.

We are also looking at a TriTanium Lite option this year. What do you think?

The impact this pandemic has had on our economy is overwhelming and we know that many cannot afford the entries, either already entered or still to enter. This is why we will structure the entry going forward as follows;

Basic Entry - excludes any race pack, race branded apparel etc. so it’s just your entry. And maybe a medal! We will upload the new pricing structure on the entry portal once we’ve decided on October or February.

You will then be able to purchase additional branded merchandise and race apparel online.

This is the best way we can ensure the best price point on entry for our athletes, whilst still offering the cool stuff, for those who wish to have legit bragging rights! Athletes that have already entered but cannot, due to circumstances, attend the event in either October or February, may either receive a refund, excluding the admin fees from the entry portal or roll over to the August 2021 entry. We are here to grow our event and family of TriTanium  athletes, so we want to be lekker. Just drop me an email and we will sort it out. How have you all been keeping? Let us know what training you’ve been doing and what you’ve been up to. Please drop me a mail on

I’ve missed the trails, BIG time as well as the energy and banter of real live racing and events. I’ve loved and appreciate the VR events and races, but nothing beats the dust in your throat, the sweaty hugs on the finish line, the crackling of the PA and the excitement of the real start and finish line! I’ve even missed swimming!