Winter Training

Smash Your Winter Training

Winter Training

TriTanium’s Top Tips from our ambassador Lucie Zelenkova

Winter is the most difficult time for training. Racing season is over and it feels like the new season is still far away. Days are short and temperatures are often in the single digits. If we’re honest, all we want to do is hide in bed under the duvet with a huge cup of steaming hot chocolate bingeing on Netflix.

But…we can’t. Because TriTanium is just 4 months away!

So, here are a few tips on how to survive winter:

1. Keep training, but keep it fun

It’s time to try something new. Get on a mountain bike and discover trails near you. Or put on trail-running shoes and do a couple of offroad runs.

2. Work on your weakness

This is the best time to focus on your weak link. Very often it’s swimming. So, find a good swimming coach or squad, go for a couple of one-onone
sessions and get your technique right.

3. Build your Foundation

Just like a house, without a solid foundation the rest of the structure will be weak. Base training is vital and the best way to build a solid foundation is through running. Get yourself some warm clothes and get out for easy aerobic runs - nothing fast, just build your base for the summer months.

4. Get stronger

Very often, during racing season and summer, we don’t have enough time for strength training. Winter is the perfect time to get to the gym and build your strength. Find a good biokineticist or personal trainer with experience in your sport to help you build the right strength.

5. Your mates and partners are important

It is always easier to get out when you make a plan with someone, and training with a few people is much more fun than training alone. If you have a partner, ask them to boot you out of bed in the morning!

6. Have a goal

You should always have short-term and long-term goals. Look at the season ahead and plan your races making sure to know which races are your priority.

7. Upgrade your toys

Nothing motivates you more than something new, be it a new bike, new shoes or just a new running shirt.

8. Consistency is king

You can’t expect good results without being consistent. Train regularly, no matter how cold it is outside.

And, most importantly…have fun!

See you on the 1st of November on the sunny shores of KZN.

Lucie Zelenkova

Lucie Zelenkova

Lucie is an international pro athlete, and head coach and founder of TriFactri Triathlon Club. Lucie has a remarkable CV of achievements and recently completed her first Epic mountain bike event.

  • 2004 Olympic games Athens
  • 1st Female Pro Ironman SA 2009
  • 1st Female Pro Challenge Barcelona 2013
  • 1st Female Pro 70.3 East London 2009
  • 1st Female Pro 70.3 Sri Lanka 2012
  • More than 15 podiums at 70.3 & full Ironman distance & ITU
  • 2X Kona contender
  • Finished over 30 FULL IRONMAN distance races with a PB of 8:57.

As a crossover athlete who loves a challenge, Lucie is the perfect TriTanium ambassador. Born and bred in the Czech Republic, Lucie always loved being outside and has been an athlete almost since the day she was born. She started out as a swimmer, occasionally running races, before discovering triathlons – beginning with ITU and Olympic distance, and then long distance a couple of years later. Lucie has over 20 years’ worth of coaching experience and says she would like to stay fit and keep racing until the day she dies (probably out on the field!).

TriTanium is exceptionally proud to have Lucie on board representing the brand. “I’m excited about TriTanium,” Lucie says. “I like that it is  multidisciplinary and is bringing in mountain biking and trail running. It’s good to support new and innovative events that will grow the sport. I love South Africa’s outdoor style of living and all the events the country has to offer – TriTanium is a combination of all of them.”