The Tritanium Entry Options

Tritanium Entry Options

Are you tough enough?

TriTanium: 6 disciplines, 3 days, multiple entry options!

ENTRY OPTIONS unpacked and explained:

We have designed this event to offer depth and options for you, the athlete.

TriTanium Athlete Entry

The main entry is the TriTanium Athlete. This entry comprises the full 6 disciplines over the full 3 days – MTB, Trail Run, Inland Swim, Road Ride, Sea Swim, Road Run.

TriTanium Cycle
However, we have made it possible for the cyclist to just enter the cycle events, which are on Day 1 and Day 2.

TriTanium Run

Those that prefer running can enter just the runs on Day 1 and Day 3.

TriTanium Swim

Swimmers can enter just the swims on Day 2 and Day 3.

TriTanium Ride-Run

Then of course there are those that are not confident in the water and would like to enter the rides and the runs. That’s cool - you enter the TriTanium Ride entry and the TriTanium Run entry. You would participate on Day 1 (MTB and Trail Run), on Day 2 (Road Ride) and on Day 3 (Road Run).

TriTanium Days 1 & 2

It’s your wealthy Aunt Mavis’s 90th on the Sunday and you can only enter Day 1 & Day 2? No problem! That’s the MTB Ride, Trail Run, Inland Swim and Road Ride.

TriTanium Days 2 & 3

Naturally, there are those that just don’t like the mud! We get that. You guys ‘n gals can enter Day 2 and Day 3, letting you enjoy the Inland Swim and Road Ride on Day 2 and the Sea Swim and Road Run on Day 3.

See the table below for entries and prices at a glance. Then go to to register.

Tritanium Price Table