TriTanium Shout Out!

TriTanium Shout Out!

Image: Desiree Verwey: End of Day 1 – 2019

by LB

We would love to hear from all of you, please drop us a message, shout out, or an article you found particularly interesting for us to share.

To start off I would like to focus on two important aspects at this time - our sponsors and local events.

Local Events

It is so important that we support our local events where we can and as best we can. Without us, your event organizers, there would be very little on the calendar to train for, apart from the Strava segments, which eventually get boring. Covid-19 has literally taken the air out of our tyres, and the bounce out of our step. So please continue to support your local events. They are supporting local industry, local communities, local tourism and you. Keep your Ultra, your R2S, Jhb2C, Sani2C, Karkloof100, MacMac Ultra etc. entries. Keep supporting them and us.


Our Sponsors are just as important to us as our athletes are and it is in times like this that we must support our sponsors. Give them a shout out, post a pic, share that moment in your #Zone3 wetsuit or your PVN #Anita Active sportswear or smashing that #RedBull on your training session.

Whether it is apparel, equipment, a bank, a beverage - if they help to sponsor your favorite events, help to support them! Show some love by just popping out a tweet, an Insta pic or FB share.

To our sponsors, Red Bull, Zone3, PVN Anita , Coca-Cola, Princes Grant, Pedal Africa, thank you for your support and encouragement during these times. We are still scouting for a headline sponsor and partner sponsors, so please get in touch if you would like to be a part of our amazing brand and team, as we change the face of MultiDiscipline MultiStage MultiDay racing –